The Importance of Being Earnest

Author: Oscar Wilde

Page Count: 76

Genre: Farce, Comedy, Drama (also a Rom-Com, if you may!)

Book synopsis: (Basically, a story of two bachelors, John ‘Jack’ Worthing and Algernon ‘Algy’ Moncrieff, who create alter egos named Ernest to escape their tiresome lives).

Movie Adaptation: The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)

Book outline: Play

This one is a Wilde one! The plot is really simple. A plot so plain with too many twists makes a classic that is The Importance of Being Earnest!
Oscar Wilde’s sharp wit is insuperable, and its judicious use in this social sattire is impeccable! The art of deceiving for love is portrayed enigmatically with comical consequences, as classy as literature could get!
The stock characters are as equally entertaining as the protagonists! Lady Bracknell was sassy long before it was cool. Algernon might as well be the founder of memes we have today. Also, isn’t faking a name  so much easier and less damaging than faking your entire identity to impress that lad/girl?
It ends with an overwhelming number of twists and consequently ends quite abruptly. You could say the climax of the story is quite at the end.
The writing is not your ancient English you would expect! The literature is quite modern, simple to understand and straightforward . Being an easy read, It’s not head-wrecking; Hell you don’t even need to sit with a dictionary or Google chapter/scene summaries! There is not even a single page mundane!

If you find classics uninteresting (and feel overwhelmed by or wanna get back at your collection of snobs that are your bookish friends who constantly quote classics), this one is for you! It’s really short so moreover you will finish it in an hour or two in a sitting.
Many of you must have been forced to read this one in your literature coursework! If you haven’t, this farcical comedy is definitely worth a shot!

Critics: 4.2/5

I’d rate it: 4.5/5


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