Broken Harbor

  • Author: Tana French
  • No. of pages: 496
  • Genre: Mystery thriller

Are you the type of reader who loves murder mystery thrillers, especially the serial killer ones which keeps you hooked on every single word as you try to figure out who did it?? So am I! And this book caters to exactly us!

A family of four is violently murdered in their own house with the mother being the lone survivor, still fighting for life. In the beginning the solution seems quite obvious, mind you. But soon enough, as facts are revealed, we know that things are very far from simple. 

Here’s a scoop from the detective’s point of view-

One of the reasons I love Murder is that victims are, as a general rule, dead… I don’t make a habit of sharing this, in case people take me fore a sicko or- worse-a wimp, but give me a dead child, any day, over a child sobbing his heart out while you make him tell you what the bad man did next. Dead victims don’t show up outside HQ to beg for answers, you never have to nudge them into reliving every hideous moment, and you never have to worry about what it’ll do to their lives if you fuck up. They stay put in the morgue, light-years beyond anything I can do right or wrong, and leave me free to focus on the people who sent them there.

Interesting isn’t he?

This is a tale of love and obsession and nostalgia and bliss and utter helplessness of human life. Horror dripping from each of its pages, you slowly and steadily come to realize how this tragedy will end. And even then the climax is a bit too distressing.

Broken Harbor does what good mystery thrillers are supposed to do; it thrills you and astounds you. It also does what good literatures are supposed to do; it changes you’re outlook on the world and forces you to see what you’ve chosen to ignore.


Critics- 3.9/5

I’d rate it- 4.5/5


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