Why Men Can Do Only One Thing at a Time and Women Never Stop Talking

Authors : Allan & Barbara Pease

Genre: Calling it a Non-fiction is sweet.

Page Count: Easy peasy 120. Moreover, the book’s really tiny. Happier times have never existed for amateur readers.

Synopsis: In this hilarious book, Allan and Barbara Pease highlight the differences between men and women in the way they think and act. Why are women radar detectors; why do men hate to be wrong? Each page features a snippet of wisdom, bound to produce laughter from even the most cynical soul. The perfect giftbook for men and women.

The exhaustively long title is inversely proportional to the time you take to finish this book. Barely 30 minutes, really!

So, let’s dig in to the question? Why should you read this book? Besides from the fact that it doesn’t make your short attention span look so bad, this book is a light hearted read! It takes a comic view of human relations, comic, but true.

Although there are most of the things you already know a past of it’s content, thanks to the Internet (And the book was published in 2003, so jeez, cut it some slack!), there’s not much harm keeping you and the forsaken internet aside for a moment to give this one a shot.

It’s ludicrously entertaining, honest and crude. Watch out for the illustrations !(Damn don’t read between the lines for this once, will you?)

And no, this book won’t fix your marriage.

Critics: 3.8/5

I’d rate it: 2.6/5. No this book didn’t fix anything ultimately. Worth a shot though. You never know!